Morning Shots: Martha Stewart, Ice Dancing, And 'Police Academy' Lives : Monkey See In today's roundup: Martha Stewart is coming to disrupt your party, ice dancers are coming to presumably fall down, and how will we prove our smarts if not with our collections of stuff?
NPR logo Morning Shots: Martha Stewart, Ice Dancing, And 'Police Academy' Lives

Morning Shots: Martha Stewart, Ice Dancing, And 'Police Academy' Lives

cup of coffee.

• Today's "Really?" moment in new show development comes with news that Martha Stewart is developing a reality show where Martha Stewart barges in to take over your wedding (or other event) at the demand of someone you know, who apparently must announce that you're doing it all wrong. That sounds like ... absolutely no fun at all.

• No, wait -- maybe the "Really?" moment comes with news that ABC is taking a shot at moving Dancing With The Stars to the ice -- which has been done, but hope apparently springs eternal.

• I'm not sure MTV's revamped Unplugged is going to look very much like the Unplugged of the past, but I'll admit it's a brand that still has a lot of pull for a lot of people who remember old-style MTV.

• I don't agree with all the specific applications of it to current shows (I am a huge fan of Community, in particular), but this piece by Maureen Ryan at The Chicago Tribune is spot-on in its discussion of how cliches can work or not work, depending on how they're employed.

Copyright crackdowns, more astrophysicist stuff, and another franchise revived, after the jump.

• There are rumblings of a crackdown on sites that make it their business to copy content from other sites and republish it. I can think of a few sites that do this, and I'll be interested to see whether there are teeth in this effort.

• Followers of the recent Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews should check out his video explanation of why the aliens in Avatar and other alien movies are pretty lame. (Seriously, here's how he described the clip this morning on Twitter: "Why10-ft blue aliens with 3 fingers & USB pony tails who live in a Keebler tree shows no imagination."

• Our tracking of romantic pieces about paper books continues with this one. To its credit, it's at least honest, in that it very nearly comes right out and says, "How will I show off how smart I am to everyone who visits my house if I can't impress them with my collection of books?" Imagine the tragedy if we had to rely on behavior and conversation for that.

• And finally: A new Police Academy movie. No, really.