The 'Twilight' Book Club Concludes With A Cacophonous Live Chat : Monkey See In which we invite our readers for a live chat about Twilight. That's right: Twilight.
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The 'Twilight' Book Club Concludes With A Cacophonous Live Chat

Note: If, when you first get here, you can't comment, don't worry! I may have to turn commenting on if it doesn't come on automatically. But it'll be on.

Well, at least I'm hoping it will be cacophonous. Civil, polite, and cacophonous.

Anyway. We've been reading Twilight for a week, and after determining that about 95 percent of the comments were, more than I could have hoped, productive and really thoughtful, I decided we're ready to go live. So today (Friday) at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, come back and join in.

If you decide to come, as we talked about yesterday, please be ready to talk about the book, and not to characterize either people who like it or people who don't like it, because that will go downhill so fast it will make all of our collective heads spin, no matter who's right and who's wrong.

My current plan is to spike the discussion as needed with the actual discussion questions at the end of my version of the book. (Sample question: "Bella faints at the smell of blood. If she were to become a vampire, how might this serve as a hindrance?") (They are not all goofy, but that one is ... kind of great.)

And if nobody shows up, you can see me and Marc fill time like telethon hosts at three in the morning. Either way, it's bound to be entertaining.