Culturetopia: Must-Listen Arts & Entertainment : Monkey See This week on Culturetopia: Annette Benning on secrets her characters carry; Lisa Kudrow's new online-only comedy; Chely Wright comes out; the return of Tracey Thorne; and more.
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My editor likes to say the only time you'll ever hear the word "bitches" on NPR is when it's followed by the word "brew." As in the seminal Miles Davis album, which Wyclef Jean has on his iPod. In the Tell Me More series "In Your Ear," he talks about what else he's been listening to.

This week's edition of NPR's best arts and culture stories also features a look at War Horse, a London theater sensation about actual horses set during World War 1 that's readying for a transplant to Broadway. And a fascinating conversation with Annette Benning and Rodrigo García about the process of building character in their new movie Mother and Child.

Country star Chely Wright came out in a carefully managed process unpacked in this All Things Considered piece, and in a Talk of the Nation interview, former Friends star Lisa Kudrow discusses the unhinged, unlicensed counselor she plays on the internet series "Web Therapy." Finally, Tracey Thorn muses on  reinventing her career as a musician after a respite to raise children.

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