Morning Shots: Weak Box Office, 'Modern Family,' And 'Emotional Equity' : Monkey See In this morning's roundup: Another stumbling weekend at the box office, more about that Modern Family iPad episode, and an update on the MTV Movie Awards.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Weak Box Office, 'Modern Family,' And 'Emotional Equity'

Morning Shots: Weak Box Office, 'Modern Family,' And 'Emotional Equity'

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If you want a dose of realism, or cynicism, or maybe just experience, check out this interview with A-Team director Joe Carnahan, who recognizes the "emotional equity" of an '80s remake and has no illusions about the idea of the "sell-through."

This is an interesting look at what actors do during their sometimes extensive downtime backstage. Enough performances, and all that thumb-twiddling when you're just waiting around could really get old.

One producer of Modern Family now says that the much-griped-about iPad episode went "a little too far" in hyping the product. Money didn't change hands, but the producer admits he was hoping to land free iPads for his staff, which is ... an interesting addition to the story.

The MTV Movie Awards aren't really an awards show in the traditional sense, but the event was held last night, and if you really want to know who won (hint: mostly Twilight), you can check out the full list.

Weekend box office numbers were pretty brutal. But the factoid that really grabbed me: "MacGruber was down 94 percent from last weekend."

Ad Age has this discussion with the guy behind the faux BP PR Twitter feed that's been getting a lot of attention.

And finally: Cinematical is having a lot of fun with its summer movie tournament; be sure to cast your vote.