Morning Shots: Grown Men Cry, While Other Grown Men Argue About 'Inception' : Monkey See In this morning's roundup: The Inception dissection rolls on, a good idea involving Jewel becomes a bad idea involving overkill, and Damages gets a new lease on life.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Grown Men Cry, While Other Grown Men Argue About 'Inception'

Morning Shots: Grown Men Cry, While Other Grown Men Argue About 'Inception'

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The dissection of Inception continues, as in this thorough rundown from Cinematical. Even if the movie drove you crazy, I think it's sort of inspiring to see any movie get people thinking this hard. (If you need me to tell you that a piece dissecting a movie contains spoilers, then we have not come as far as I'd like to think we have in understanding each other.)

If you keep up with the many, many new Tumblr sites that seem to appear every week (take the hysterical Catalog Living, for instance), you won't be surprised to hear that the super-simple microblogging site is, as Techcrunch puts it, "on fire."

DirecTV helped save Friday Night Lights by adopting it along with NBC, such that it airs on DirecTV first, and then months later on the broadcast network. It's gone another step with Glenn Close's Damages, which is moving from FX to exclusively DirecTV for two more seasons. If you don't get DirecTV, you'll have to wait for the DVDs.

I enjoyed the recent Funny Or Die video involving Jewel doing karaoke in disguise. I do not need an entire TV series around this concept.

The endless fascination with the ability of Toy Story 3 to induce crying in men (men! crying! that's crazy!) continues, this time from the BBC.

There's no story that can't be made into a bigger story; thus, the flopping of The Sorcerer's Apprentice this weekend becomes the question of whether the TV and movie producing Gigantor known as Jerry Bruckheimer is losing his touch. I tend toward this outlook, which says, in summary: certainly not on the basis of the currently existing evidence.