Morning Shots: Tiger's Return, Kanye's Return, And The Crisis In Hat-iquette : Monkey See In this morning's roundup: Tiger Woods and Kanye West both make triumphant returns, fedoras cause the massive crisis we knew they would, Old Spicy gets a new job, and Dev Patel expresses some frustration.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Tiger's Return, Kanye's Return, And The Crisis In Hat-iquette

Morning Shots: Tiger's Return, Kanye's Return, And The Crisis In Hat-iquette

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Funniest revelation from this New York Times profile of the Food Network's Guy Fieri: There are women who throw their underwear at Guy Fieri. Ladies, ladies. There is only so much underwear. There are so many men.

Today in OH DEAR OH DEAR: The Wall Street Journal confirms the hat-etiquette crisis we all feared might result once jerks started wearing so many freaking fedoras. My favorite part is the argument that amounts to, "My hat is expensive! Surely I am not expected to doff such an expensive hat, as that is not required by my excellent understanding of manners, which by the way do not prohibit me from telling you how much I paid for my hat. Sincerely, Slickster Q. Awesomepants." Also, special bonus: the guy who says he doesn't take his hat off in fast food restaurants. To which I say: WHY ARE YOU WEARING A FEDORA TO MCDONALD'S, MAN?

Now that a few months have passed, Tiger Woods is contributing to Golf Digest again, beginning with a piece on "how to hit from fairway bunkers." The magazine had discontinued his column after some recent public relations troubles you may have heard he was having.

Dev Patel, given fantastic reviews in Slumdog Millionaire, is finding a scarcity of roles in Hollywood beyond "terrorist, cab driver and smart geek." If only he had waited for NBC's upcoming Outsourced, he could have been offered the far more interesting and not at all stereotypical role of "call center employee."

Isaiah Mustafa, a/k/a Old Spicy, has been shifted from one upcoming Tyler Perry movie to another. But between this and an upcoming role on Chuck, things seem to be going swimmingly for O.Spicy since he put down the towel for a while.

Publishers Weekly has a look at some "enhanced" e-books, and it confirms what many might reasonably suspect: adding a lot of stuff works well for history books; doesn't necessarily make as much sense for fiction.

Today in OH THANK GOODNESS: Us magazine says that Kanye West will be back on the Video Music Awards on September 12. And he'll be performing.

My press tour pal Alan Sepinwall has his list of the shows that stood out for him. (Note that his list includes network and cable; I haven't done a cable list yet.)

Charles Dickens' great-great-grandson and JRR Tolkien's grandson have worked together on an audiobook project. I cannot improve upon the deliciously cynical description from The Guardian: "a match made in publicists' heaven."