Headlines For 2011 Far More Likely Than 'Brett Favre Actually Retires' : Monkey See Brett Favre decided to announce yesterday that he's really, totally retiring ... after this upcoming season. But then, for sure. What are the odds he'd change his mind, after all?
NPR logo Headlines For 2011 Far More Likely Than 'Brett Favre Actually Retires'

Headlines For 2011 Far More Likely Than 'Brett Favre Actually Retires'

Brett Favre held a press conference in Minnesota yesterday at 1:30 p.m. Central time to announce that he would continue playing for the Minnesota Vikings for one more season. This shocked observers who had begun following the story of his career at 1:15. Adam Bettcher/Getty Images North America hide caption

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Adam Bettcher/Getty Images North America

Brett Favre announced yesterday that he will continue playing. But only for one more year. And if you believe that, then you also must believe that the following events will also occur, as they appear to be far more likely than his actual retirement -- as we noted in a post that ran one year ago yesterday.

1. Yale Students Welcome Snooki On Her First Day

2. Lady Gaga Unveils Line Of Tummy-Shaping Undergarments

3. New 'American Idol' Judges Are A Big Hit; Show's Problems Solved

4. J-Lo Arrested In Extensive Anti-Booty Rioting

5. Brett Favre Eaten By Coyotes

6. James Franco: 'It's Probably Time To Calm Down'

7. Kathryn Bigelow Says James Cameron Is 'Probably Right' About 3D

8. What Ever Happened To Justin Bieber?

9. Herbert Hoover Reincarnated As Large, Enthusiastic Cocker Spaniel

10. Bryn Mawr Endows Katy Perry Chair

11. Musicologists Discover 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' Speeded Up 800 Percent Sounds Like 'Yakety Sax'

12. Experts Agree: Helen Mirren Has Totally Let Herself Go

13. Bret Michaels Gets Green Party Endorsement

14. Kanye Interrupted At VMAs By Irate, Obscene Rant From Bon Iver's Justin Vernon

15. Brett Favre Shocks World By Totally Not Retiring At All

16. Starbucks Introduces Prozac-Infused "Happuccino"

17. Health Trend Continues As 'Fiber Emporium' Buys Out 436 Dying Cupcake Stores

18. Internet Reaches Consensus: 'It Turns Out It Was Mostly A Misunderstanding'

19. Public Embraces Inexpensive Pacifiers Made From Recycled Truck Tires

20. It's Official, Guv'nor: Brits Love American-Made Tea

21. Worldwide Fretting Over Jennifer Aniston's Love Life Suspended

22. Brett Favre Struck By Lightning While Playing Golf

23. Cold Fusion Discovered By Participant In ABC's 'Shark Tank'

24. Facebook Streamlines Privacy Controls With 'Just Don't Tell Anybody Anything About Me Unless I Say It's Okay' Button

25. Brett Favre Plans Stint In Minor League Baseball: What Could Go Wrong?