Morning Shots: Simon Cowell's Show Bumps Into Auto-Tune Accusations : Monkey See In this morning's roundup: Two Dragon Tattoo tidbits, Jennifer Aniston's Friends reunion, Simon Cowell's unhappy collision with an Auto-Tune scandal, and lots more.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Simon Cowell's Show Bumps Into Auto-Tune Accusations

Morning Shots: Simon Cowell's Show Bumps Into Auto-Tune Accusations

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There's a scandal bubbling over X Factor, Simon Cowell's UK show that has an American version set to arrive in the fall of 2011. In short, Auto-Tune has apparently been used to sweeten at least some voices in some rounds — leading to questions about whether it's been used during periods of public voting and whether it's been used to make some contestants sound worse. Based on the clip embedded here, I'd say they might have gotten away with it if the Auto-Tune were slightly less glaringly obvious.

To the shock of no one, Jennifer Aniston will be showing up on the season premiere of Courteney Cox's Cougar Town.

There also may be (spoiler alert!) a little bit of intel on how things will go for Kurt this fall on Glee.

There's a very nice piece in Cinematical looking at the career of River Phoenix, who would have been 40 years old yesterday, and wondering about what kind of work we never got to see.

I'm just taking the opportunity of this casting news about the upcoming Nicholas Sparks movie The Lucky One to moan anew about how little I want to see a Nicholas Sparks movie starring Zac Efron. For my thoughts on Nicholas Sparks stories in general, you may look here.

If your reaction to Avatar, which clocked in about fifteen minutes short of three hours, was, "Hey, I liked it, but I really wish it had been longer," you're going to love the Special Edition that will get a theatrical rerelease this weekend with eight and a half minutes of new footage. Including "more night bioluminescence"!

Finally, in celebration of the fact that I finished the Stieg Larsson trilogy last night, I present two Dragon Tattoo-related tidbits. First, this entirely fair and accurate observation that people eat a lot of sandwiches in these books. And second, this delightful parody song and video (which spoils the first book and some of the second, so be warned) finally vindicates the fact that "Red Dragon Tattoo" by Fountains of Wayne has been RELENTLESSLY POUNDING THROUGH MY HEAD ever since I started reading these books.