'Mythbusters' Returns With Fewer Explosions And More Determined Sniffing : Monkey See Tonight's return of Discovery's Mythbusters isn't based around a love of blowing stuff up as much as it's based on a love of really, really good dogs.
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'Mythbusters' Returns With Fewer Explosions And More Determined Sniffing


Among fans of Discovery's Mythbusters, one of the rare things that rankles is that although everybody loves a good explosion, a lot of the best and most interesting experiments don't involve blowing up anything at all, and nobody would want the show to become too blow-up-centric.

Tonight's episode -- marking the return of new episodes after a hiatus -- is called "Hair Of The Dog," and it's not about anything particularly spectacular from the pyrotechnics department. It's about ... dogs.

(Seriously, if you don't look at your television several times during this episode and say, "WHO'S A GOOD DOG? WHO? WHO'S A GREAT BIG GOOD DOG?", you do not like dogs.)

In the clip above, Jamie Hyneman attempts to remove all traces of his scent in order to elude a bloodhound. In other segments, substance-sniffing dogs take tests to see whether they can be misled or distracted. All around, it's a very fine episode, proving you don't need to blow up anything to have a good time.

Special Bonus: Last night, Adam and Jamie showed up to help with the cold open of The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. (This is a match made in heaven, as I have discussed in the past.)

Below, look briefly at what occurred. Understand: there's no reason for this. When Ferguson does something like this with people he enjoys, they're just doing it. Because ... well, because. And that's kind of what makes it great.