Morning Shots: A 'Twilight' Chicken Fight And Weekend Box Office Issues : Monkey See A Twilight photo that raises questions, Adam Lambert's big moment, changes in the way we watch movies, and the big 60 Minutes interview with Mark Zuckerberg.
NPR logo Morning Shots: A 'Twilight' Chicken Fight And Weekend Box Office Issues

Morning Shots: A 'Twilight' Chicken Fight And Weekend Box Office Issues

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Judging from the set photo released by director Bill Condon from the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, the plot of the upcoming film includes "vampire's girlfriend gravely injured in knock-down drag-out with giant chicken."

A good rundown of the weekend box office from Vulture covers the fact that it has not been a good November for Hollywood overall, and talks about a problem called "unpublished experimentation." Interesting stuff.

An interesting story at Cinematical suggests that a lawsuit over music rights may be uncomfortable for the makers of the documentary (or, depending on your viewpoint, "documentary") Catfish. Curious? Read more.

Via Galleycat, here's The Book Spy, a blog that takes a not-totally-new idea (blogging about what you see people reading on the subway) and delivers it with some nice style (I love the Mockingjay/Hunger Games missed connection).

Also at Galleycat, check out this story about World Book Night, where one million books will be given away.

As a noted Adam Lambert doubter, I think it is fair to acknowledge that I somehow failed to notice last week that the fella got himself a Grammy nomination for best male pop vocal performance. I would also nominate him for best performance by a hat, based on that photo, but that's just me.

This commercial with Kevin Bacon kind of freaks me out. That is all.

This piece in The Toronto Star includes discussions with, among others, director Atom Egoyan about the way moviegoing has changed. Though it has elements in common with less interesting "nothing is as good as it used to be" pieces, it also contains some interesting observations and a great kicker at the end.

Haven't heard enough about the woes of Spider-Man: Broadway Boogaloo (also known as Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark)? As it turns out, a third actor has been injured and is currently temporarily out of commission after being hit in the head while offstage. Zoiks.

Having seen last night's 60 Minutes profile of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on the occasion of yet another tweak of the way Facebook looks, I have to admit that I tend to agree in large part with this editorial noting that it wound up seeming like a very long ad for Facebook.

Do you remember how a bunch of celebrities were going to retire from social media (they called it "digital death") until donations for World AIDS Day hit a million dollars? A couple of Kardashians participated, and Ryan Seacrest, and Usher, and Justin Timberlake, and Lady Gaga? Well, that was last Wednesday. As of right now, they're still under $300,000, and the publicity has ... probably peaked, right? It seems like somebody is going to have to cough up a large donation, because as it turns out, fans don't miss having Justin Timberlake on Twitter quite as much as people might have thought.