Morning Shots: So Apparently Nothing Happened While We Were Gone : Monkey See It's a slow news week, but we've got a roundup, including a great and very candid Jon Lovitz interview and a piece on the most poorly marketed movies of the year (Tangled, this one is for you.)
NPR logo Morning Shots: So Apparently Nothing Happened While We Were Gone

Morning Shots: So Apparently Nothing Happened While We Were Gone

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Okay, I'm exaggerating. But this does remain a sloooooow week in pop-culture news. How can you tell? How's this for a first item?

What Fake Name Does Justin Bieber Use At Hotels?

Too cerebral for you? Am I blooowing your mind? Okay, okay. There is Oscar marketing stuff going on, I can tell you that much: for one thing, Pixar is working on its campaign to get Toy Story 3 an Oscar nomination, which ... I have to say, I don't think they have to work too hard in the ten-nominee world in which we now live.

Speaking of Pixar, haven't you always wanted some Pixar stamps? The U.S. Postal Service is totally here for you.

Even more? Toy Story 3 was the top-grossing movie of 2010 internationally, as it turns out.

In the least surprising news the TV ratings gods have delivered in a while, the most-watched cable show of 2010 was Monday Night Football on ESPN. Well, of course it was.

Happenings at Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark have gone from darkly funny to darkly not funny to needs-to-be-watched-through-interlaced-fingers, but I feel obliged to continue to fill you in on the major developments in this always developing story, the latest of which is that actress Natalie Mendoza — hit on the head during a performance not long ago — is leaving the show.

Alonso Duralde has this piece at Movieline about mismarketed movies of 2010. Bravo for the mention of Tangled, a great movie about a strong girl that shied away from revealing that it was a great movie about a strong girl.

It may come as a surprise, though, that my favorite thing from this morning is this interview with Jon Lovitz. I know, I know, he's kind of ... Lovitz-y, but it's really and truly fascinating, I promise.