Morning Shots: 'I'll Take Terrifying Glimpses Of The Future For $400, Alex' : Monkey See This morning: weekend box office, the death of a main character from a revered miniseries, and a project from Jeopardy! that promises to pit man against machine once and for all.
NPR logo Morning Shots: 'I'll Take Terrifying Glimpses Of The Future For $400, Alex'

Morning Shots: 'I'll Take Terrifying Glimpses Of The Future For $400, Alex'

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Weekend box office: True Grit was number one, but January is a notorious movie dead zone, so don't take anything too much to heart.

If you haven't heard yet that Jeopardy! is pitting man against machine by having a computer called Watson take on champions Brad Rutter (most money ever for one person) and Ken Jennings (most famous Jeopardy! player ever, also most consecutive games), you will soon. If Watson loses, it will prove that we need not fear robots, but if Watson wins, you should immediately begin stockpiling cans of soup, giant magnets, and other things that might be helpful in surviving the robot onslaught.

Jim Carrey came to Saturday Night Live this weekend, and he brought the show a nice ratings bump — the highest ratings it's had since Betty White and Jay-Z.

ABC is developing an eight-hour miniseries version of Wicked. Not from the musical, but from the book.

Alan Sepinwall has a nice remembrance of Dick Winters, the real-life central character of the HBO miniseries Band Of Brothers, whose death was announced over the weekend.

Somehow, linguists have decided that "app" is the word of the year, despite the fact that it's just the word "application" for lazy people. The best part of this story is that the word it beat out was "nom." Not as in "nomination," but as in "nom nom nom."

STAND DOWN, PEOPLE: Glee is not planning a Justin Bieber episode. Call off the pickets!

And finally: Maksim Chmerkovskiy, one of the professional dancers on ABC's Dancing With The Stars, is going to be the Ukranian Bachelor. Tragically, he decided not to take an offer to be the American Bachelor. This, for people who cannot help watching The Bachelor and cannot help watching Dancing With The Stars, is quite sad.