Morning Shots: Maria Bello Steps Up For NBC's 'Prime Suspect' Remake : Monkey See This morning: Charlie Sheen may be going back to work, James Van Der Beek is playing himself, Michael Vick isn't talking to Oprah, and Spider-Man starts looking for a better script.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Maria Bello Steps Up For NBC's 'Prime Suspect' Remake

Morning Shots: Maria Bello Steps Up For NBC's 'Prime Suspect' Remake

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Your Charlie Sheen update: Sheen is saying publicly, and other sources are apparently telling reporters, that Two And A Half Men is scheduled to go back into production February 28. But interestingly, the network hasn't made an official announcement. Just trying not to talk about it? Reserving the right to change the plan if Sheen doesn't stop calling Dan Patrick's radio show? Hard to say.

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark couldn't stop making news if it wanted to, and now the show's producers are seeing if they can make a deal with Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a writer who has done both theater and Spider-Man stories, so maybe he can improve the critical notices.

Against many people's anguished pleas, NBC is remaking the British hit Prime Suspect. While hopes are not high (which, in fairness, was also true of The Office), the news yesterday that NBC had cast Maria Bello, a strong actress with a history in both television and film, was a relief. It could be so much worse.

Meanwhile on Fox, Mike O'Malley, who's gotten great reviews for playing Burt Hummel on Glee, may be getting his own comedy series on Fox. Good news for O'Malley, bad news for Kurt?

Movies planned for 2011 include 27 — that's right, 27 — sequels (and threequels and eightquels). That's setting a record. More on this great news is available.

James Van Der Beek, who recently worked on the very funny (and NSFW) site James Van Der Memes for Funny Or Die, has decided that having a sense of humor about his own image is where it's at, because he's going to play a version of himself on the new ABC comedy pilot Don't Trust The Bitch In Apt. 23, which has a way to go to make up for its obnoxious title, so let's hope Beeksy comes through.

The A.V. Club has a new video Inventory available about "one-scene wonders," actors who take over a movie in a very short amount of screen time. Worth a view. (Also NSFW for original language in clips from, say, Glengarry Glen Ross.)

Michael Vick has decided against a previously scheduled interview with Oprah. That is all.

And finally: the online streaming battle continues as Redbox, which has had great success renting movies cheaply out of kiosks, is setting up a streaming movie service to compete with Netflix.