Morning Shots: Gloria Steinem Calls The Playboy Club 'The Tackiest Place On Earth' : Monkey See In today's roundup: Gloria Steinem calls foul on NBC's The Playboy Club, Jon Cryer promises laughs aplenty about the killing off of Charlie Sheen's character, and SyFy puts Eureka through a particularly confusing dance of death.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Gloria Steinem Calls The Playboy Club 'The Tackiest Place On Earth'

Morning Shots: Gloria Steinem Calls The Playboy Club 'The Tackiest Place On Earth'

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It's the weirdest thing — as we talked about last week, the male producers of NBC's The Playboy Club, who I'm pretty sure were never Playboy Bunnies, were very insistent that being a Bunny was incredibly empowering for women. Gloria Steinem, on the other hand, who actually was a Playboy Bunny and worked with other Playboy Bunnies, says the club was "the tackiest place on Earth" and hopes you'll boycott the show. She also points out that when she arrived on the scene to report on the conditions, Bunnies had to be tested for venereal diseases, despite the fact that they were supposedly working as waitresses who were never, ever allowed to be touched by the clientele. Weird, right?

Having just seen 85 — yes, 85 — panel presentations of new and existing television projects, I'm not at all surprised that CBS is developing a remake of Bewitched. Supernatural themes are hot, dominated husbands are hot, and having your own ideas is not particularly hot.

Jon Cryer on the upcoming Two And A Half Men funeral episode, paraphrased: "He's dead. It's hilarious."

Speaking solely for myself, I am shocked and appalled (in an insignificant sort of way) about the news that anyone would even consider a full-on remake of Dirty Dancing at this point. But it turns out Jennifer Grey is more gracious about it than I am, saying she's "so excited." So I guess the rest of us will have to try to buck up.

SyFy's Eureka has been through quite the roller coaster lately: First it was announced that its sixth and final season (the fifth season, mind you, hasn't yet aired and is just finishing filming) would only be six episodes instead of 13. Then they got news that there would be no sixth season at all. Then they got news that they would indeed get one final extra episode to wrap things up. If you can follow that — or even if you can't — you can check out some reactions from the cast.

It always surprises people that I both saw and reviewed G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra back in 2009, but I'm not sure I'll be able to handle a sequel with Bruce Willis in it, should that come to pass.