Culturetopia: Pawnee Edition : Monkey See On this week's arts and culture podcast: Amy Poehler talks about playing politics, we consider the art of the brand, and we hear alt-rock in English and Spanish.
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Culturetopia: Pawnee Edition

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This week on Culturetopia, NPR's podcast of the week's best cultural stories, we've been swept up by the political aspirations of Leslie Knope, a city council candidate in the fictional Pawnee, Indiana. Actress Amy Poehler speaks with NPR's Ari Shapiro about her role on the hit NBC comedy Parks and Recreation.

Also this week, author Martin Lindstrom reminds us of just how exposed we are to brands and marketing. His new book is called Brandwashed, and this week he speaks with Guy Raz about marketing tricks and a word-of-mouth experiment gone horribly right.

Finally, listen to Texas trio Girl in a Coma perform their Latin alt-rock in both English and Spanish. The group takes pride in their Latino heritage – but it turns out they belong to the growing contingent of American Latinos who aren't fluent in Spanish.

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