Morning Shots: Wait, Justin Bieber Got A Haircut? : Monkey See Your morning roundup includes some things serious, and several silly.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Wait, Justin Bieber Got A Haircut?

Morning Shots: Wait, Justin Bieber Got A Haircut?

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There is almost nothing more amusing than watching a TV programming executive try to talk soberly about a Kardashian to The New York Times. Money quote: "The program model of television doesn't exactly keep up with the life model of real people."

In the world of television recapping, there is a lot of writing for the sake of ... well, let's be charitable and call it writing. But an exasperated recap of Glee that involves an Indiana Jones metaphor? We should all be able to get on board with that, right?

Much of yesterday's coverage of Gil Cates' death focused on his career as producer of the Oscars. So it's nice to read the estimable Charles McNulty's assessment of him as a man of the theater.

Jackman, Crowe Hathaway and now Eddie Redmayne? I think I do hear the people sing.

It is important to understand that when Roger Moore claims that he can't understand Sean Connery's accent, he is most likely joking. (Related: Roger Moore still gets ink.)

Nancy Grace survived and David Arquette got sent home? And the Bieber has a new haircut? The world is clearly out of joint.

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