Morning Shots: The Day Cuba Gooding, Jr. Leapt To The Aid Of Aziz Ansari : Monkey See Today: Perhaps the weirdest Sundance event you'll read about today, Orson Welles gets a posthumous victory, and Fox tees up a new Spanish-language channel.
NPR logo Morning Shots: The Day Cuba Gooding, Jr. Leapt To The Aid Of Aziz Ansari

Morning Shots: The Day Cuba Gooding, Jr. Leapt To The Aid Of Aziz Ansari

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I'm not sure what's more surprising about the story of Aziz Ansari's rather poorly received set at Sundance: the cameo from Cuba Gooding, Jr. or the fact that the crowd didn't want to see Aziz Ansari. It's a very odd tale, full of NSFW language. [Vulture, Sundance Channel]

The lovely spy comedy Chuck is having its series finale this Friday, and my friend Alan Sepinwall, who has championed it from the outset, has a mega-interview with the show's creators as they wrap things up. Anyone who reads Alan would expect no less. [HitFix]

I had mixed feelings about We Need To Talk About Kevin, but it's always interesting to listen to Tilda Swinton talk about anything. [San Francisco Chronicle]

What's hot right now? Spanish-language television, and it's about to get another channel called MundoFox. You can probably guess who's going to run it. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Sure, the Oscar nominations happen tomorrow morning, but what about the Razzie Awards? This year, they've been pushed forward all the way to April 1, with nominations to come on February 25, the day before the Oscars themselves. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Are you like me? Are you trying to get all the way through Jeffrey Eugenides' The Marriage Plot but stopping every so often to be glad you're not in school anymore? Well, that's just one of the books that was named this weekend as a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Awards. [The Washington Post]

The New York Times continues to consider the changes to the Academy Awards rules for documentaries, including the increased deference to decisions made by The New York Times. [The New York Times]

Is it still a burn if everyone involved is dead? Citizen Kane is showing at William Randolph Hearst's castle, so we'll find out. [The Los Angeles Times]

Did you know Big Ben's tower is leaning? I didn't. And I just saw it not that long ago! [The Guardian]

And finally: Celebrity is an "obscene disease." So says Sean Penn. [The Telegraph]