Morning Shots: Lt. Uhura Meets The President, And Urkel Defends Urquelle : Monkey See This morning: A nifty photo of Nichelle Nichols visiting the White House, a disagreement over who Steve Urkel's other self might really be, and e-reading on "dumb phones" finds a champion.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Lt. Uhura Meets The President, And Urkel Defends Urquelle

Morning Shots: Lt. Uhura Meets The President, And Urkel Defends Urquelle

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Good morning, everyone who woke up today hoping to see a photo of President Barack Obama making a vulcan salute with Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt. Uhura! Have I got just the photo for you. [Vulture]

Statements that are weird: In discussing an argument with his Dancing With The Stars partner Kym Johnson, onetime Urkel-portrayer Jaleel White said, "We definitely had a disagreement last week. But our disagreement was over some of the choreography because she didn't understand who Stefan Urquell was." So yes, that's apparently a defense of the integrity of Steve Urkel's less well-developed alter ego. ...So. [E! Online]

I have no reason for linking you to this Gawker story about Bravo star Lisa Vanderpump, except to note that I believe that "Lisa Vanderpump" is literally the greatest name a Real Housewife could possibly have, and if you tried to write one for the purposes of satire, any one you came up with would pale in comparison to "Lisa Vanderpump." [Gawker]

NEWS FLASH: Until last night, One Tree Hill was still on. [E! Online]

There are some stories to which one cannot do justice without the use of the word "bonkers" in the headline. I believe Vulture has successfully found one of those stories in discussing the ongoing casting for the Stallone/Schwarzenegger vehicle The Tomb. [Vulture]

In more dignified news, e-reading isn't just for fancy Kindles and Nooks and iPads. Here's an interesting story about making free books available on "feature phones" — a/k/a "dumb phones." [The Bookseller]

Budget cuts are resulting in substantial announced cutbacks at the Canadian Broadcasting Company and Canada's National Film Board. [CBC/CBC]

A roundup of dance critics at The New York Times chats about "Modern-Dance March Madness," which is a real thing. [The New York Times]

And finally: Times are tough all over, and if you need yet another sign, consider the fact that the town where they shot a bunch of The Hunger Games is on the block. [The Guardian]