Morning Shots: 'Avengers' Is Here, Betty White Is Elusive, And Axl Rose Is Put Out : Monkey See This morning: Betty White's twitter kerfuffle, Axl Rose's harsh words to the Hall of Fame, and Britney Spears' possible new gig.
NPR logo Morning Shots: 'Avengers' Is Here, Betty White Is Elusive, And Axl Rose Is Put Out

Morning Shots: 'Avengers' Is Here, Betty White Is Elusive, And Axl Rose Is Put Out

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ABC daytime television continues to evolve: The Chew, their cooking talk show, will survive to see another day — and so will their remaining soap, General Hospital. On the other hand, makeover show The Revolution is done. Good Morning America fans will be glad to know there's going to be an afternoon edition of that, too. [The Hollywood Reporter]

I love a charity stunt as much as the next person, but I'm not sure what has become of the concept of the world record when there's a record for "the largest number of people singing the Gilligan's Island theme song at one time." [WVNSTV]

Slashfilm has rounded up some early Twitter reactions to a screening of The Avengers. Spoiler alert: they are, as they say, overwhelmingly positive. [/film]

Look, I'm only going to say this once: It's really important that we all stop paying too much attention to what Alec Baldwin says on Twitter. He says stuff. People say stuff. He's spoken ominously of his own departure more times than the most volcanic bass guitarist any band has ever had, so just sit tight and stop thinking about it too hard. [TVNewser]

Watching Betty White's Twitter account be exposed by Valerie Bertinelli as not actually hers — creating the impression that someone had created the lamest internet identity theft imaginable — and then exposed as the work of her representatives, and then as some sort of ... prank? ... clearly, Valerie Bertinelli and Betty White need to have a sit-down. []

If you woke up this morning thinking, "They should put Britney Spears on The X Factor!", you may be too late. They have reportedly already thought of it, although nobody will confirm anything yet. [Vulture]

Axl Rose not only is not going to appear at his induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but he wants you to know that if they induct him when he's not there, they're doing it against his will. He is being metaphorically kidnapped and spirited into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. This might be a job for the metaphorical police. [Telegraph]

Adele is ubiquitous, talented, and possessed of a great laugh. She is also really rich, apparently. Thanks, Adele's crummy ex-boyfriend! [Telegraph]

The best thing about this article about the opening of a New York record store is where they say it will be a "large saturnalia" and a "culture agora," and that's supposed to make you want to go there. [The Guardian]