Morning Shots: Can You Walk And Read At The Same Time? : Monkey See In this morning's roundup: Lev Grossman talks about walking while reading, Jimmy Fallon disses e-readers, and CBS is still upset that it may soon not have the only silly voyeuristic show of its kind.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Can You Walk And Read At The Same Time?

Morning Shots: Can You Walk And Read At The Same Time?

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Lev Grossman writes about the problem of reading while walking, explaining that on the one hand, he knows it's "foolish," but he can't help himself. [Time]

I don't know if I agree with the theory that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is sort of Mad Men's big scary monster (kind of like a corporate Audrey II), but it's an interesting idea. [The A.V. Club]

Slashfilm had a nice talk with Wes Anderson about a whole variety of things related to Moonrise Kingdom, including music, fan art, and whether this — or other films of his — can properly be classified as "cynical." [Slashfilm]

As many of you know, I bow to no one in my love of Jimmy Fallon, but I was disappointed in the "can't-miss crowd-pleaser" with which he closed his BookExpo America talk, which is basically just a variation on a rock star's "I play lots of cities, but Middlebury, Connecticut is my favorite, WOOOOO!" — a pretty cheap shot designed to comfort the comfortable. [Vulture]

CBS continues to try to stop ABC from premiering its new probably-terrible stare-at-weirdos show Glass House, which it claims is too similar to CBS's definitely-terrible stare-at-weirdos show Big Brother. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Barnes & Noble is not at all happy about the Justice Department's proposed settlement with publishers, and argues that it will harm consumers. [The New York Times]