Morning Shots: Neil Gaiman's Panda Sneeze And More Catwoman : Monkey See Today: Christopher Nolan has a Catwoman idea, Neil Gaiman makes a new book deal, and pants get a good ... airing.
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Morning Shots: Neil Gaiman's Panda Sneeze And More Catwoman

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Neil Gaiman writes a children's book about a panda? Yes, that seems like an extraordinarily good idea. [The Guardian]

Is it still possible to catch up with Breaking Bad before Sunday's fifth-season premiere? Well, it's going to be a challenge, as shown on this handy chart. [Buzzfeed]

I'm sure Anne Hathaway is very grateful for Christopher Nolan's statements that she should totally play Catwoman in her own movie, but that he will totally not direct it, which means that the franchise will be with another director and the odds that that director will want to borrow Nolan's Catwoman seem ... slim? [Access Hollywood]

Poor Kristin Chenoweth! She hurt herself on the set of The Good Wife, though she's apparently recovering. [The New York Times]

I've talked to some very down-to-earth people who work on workaday Hollywood projects, and I thought of them when I read this piece by a guy who calls himself "an A-list writer of B-list productions." [Slate]

As if you didn't have enough weird things to worry about, a new bit of research says that altos don't live as long as sopranos. (Or else altos just don't talk about themselves as much, so you forget they're still alive.) [The Wall Street Journal]

Very often, in Hollywood, the question you wind up asking is why people don't wear pants, but The Atlantic has a piece on why we do wear pants. You know, instead of everybody wearing nice, airy skirts and dresses, which are far more practical in hot weather. [The Atlantic]

I'm not sure I know anyone who watches the ESPYs anymore, but they were totally last night! [E! Online]