Hoping Randy's Found Peace : My Cancer We've lost Randy. His niece broke the news

Hoping Randy's Found Peace

We've lost Randy. His niece broke the news on the blog.

We hardly knew him. He joined our community on December 16th. It was his birthday weekend and the beast had found him.

Randy had an openness about him. I think he was shocked to find himself in this place, so he got down to the business of cancer right away. He wanted the road map through this world and this group was ready to lead him.

We chuckled with him when he talked about losing his hair and we told him there was no shame in admitting he was just plain scared. He came for advice and he got that, too.

His journey was a short one, but he made an impression. He left his mark, and that's what it's all about.

In his first posting, he asked, "Is there peace?"

I hope he has found that there is.