Our Cancer: Doing A Little Growing : My Cancer "Life is change. Growth is optional."

Our Cancer: Doing A Little Growing

"Life is change. Growth is optional."

That's what the sign on the firehouse lawn said, in old fashioned black plastic letters that were a little crooked. The billboard had seen better days, too. But the message was right on target.

It doesn't matter where we fit in cancer world. Our life has changed. It's the growth part that is up to us. Do we decide to keep on fighting? Remember Leroy's words, "It's still a life worth living." It's also a life that is still worth growing.

We're going to do a little growing on the blog in the next few weeks, too.

Eventually, this blog will change names. When Leroy began writing, it was "My Cancer," because it was. Now it's become "Our Cancer," and that's what we'll be calling it when it takes on a new face.

It will have a new home at NPR. A place they call a Community Forum. A place where this community will be able to continue to share personal stories, but also open a dialogue on the many faces of cancer.

The technical details of this, I will leave up to Andy Carvin. He's a digital wizard at NPR. So when the time comes, Andy will join me here on the blog to guide you through the new steps of finding "Our Cancer."