Immigration Activist Arrested, Deported : News & Views News Headlines: Aug. 20, 2007Chicago Tribune: Activist Arrested in L.A. -- "Federal authorities
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Immigration Activist Arrested, Deported

Elvira Arellano of Mexico stands with her son, Saul, at a press conference inside the Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago, Ill. Jeff Haynes, AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Jeff Haynes, AFP/Getty Images

News Headlines: Aug. 20, 2007
Chicago Tribune: Activist Arrested in L.A. -- "Federal authorities Sunday arrested Elvira Arellano on a downtown city street, ending a yearlong standoff that intensified recently after the illegal Mexican immigrant began what was to be a nationwide campaign to push for new immigration reforms."

You tell us: Should Arellano have been deported? Was she singled out for her activism? Where do you stand on the immigration issue, and how do you think it is affecting black unemployment?

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