Inside Celebri-Culture : News & Views Farai gives a peek into her adventures in La La Land.
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Farai Chideya

Today we had a roundtable on covering celebrities with three women who know the world well: Allison Samuels, a national correspondent for Newsweek magazine; Cori Murray, entertainment editor for Essence magazine; and writer and filmmaker Dream Hampton, who has a new doc on Biggie.

Usually we are up to our elbows in book authors and policy-makers here at News & Notes, but this week I went deep into Hollywood: an interview with Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson about the new movie Why Did I Get Married? and a set visit to Everybody Hates Chris, and a funny chat with head writer and executive producer Ali LeRoi.

Stay tuned for those, and more adventures in La La Land.

Now have a good weekend... hopefully a long/holiday one.

And just because....

This rumination of Biggie and New York street culture by blogger/friend Eisa Eulen made me think hard.