Tyler Perry's Box Office Score... and Network? : News & Views Can actor/director Tyler Perry turn his mogul millions into a network?
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Tyler Perry's Box Office Score... and Network?

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When I spoke to Tyler Perry in advance of the opening of Why Did I Get Married?, he mentioned he wanted to turn his mogul millions into a network.

Well, he's raked in a bit more cash for his future ventures. "WDIGM?" topped this weekend's box office with $21.5 million in receipts.

I'm intrigued by Perry's plans to start a network. So far, I couldn't find much about his plans... other than this item on his web streaming content.

Perry already has a robust studio built down in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, if you go to his Web site, you'll find a long e-mail to his fans that is part thank-you, part gripefest. Here's a snip of him describing the press tour:

The venom and disdain for what I do was apparent. And speaking of venom, what they did to Janet was unacceptable. Janet, who was under no obligation at all to promote this movie, sat with me while I was doing a round of TV interviews. Half way through the three hours of sitting in the same spot she was attacked by a reporter on a Sacramento morning show who only wanted to talk about the Super Bowl incident.

Now, I made it perfectly clear before we went live on the air that I wasn't talking about the Super Bowl or Janet's family. We had less than 5 minuets so I wanted to keep it positive and focus on the movie. But he didn't want to keep it positive. I had to maintain my composure because we were live on the air. I didn't let her speak. I kept jumping in because it was just so unfair to her. I have not seen Justin Timberlake attacked like that. I wasn't going to let them do that to her. Believe me when I tell you—Janet worked so hard on this film. She deserved more respect from this man than that! We both did.

In the midst of all of this I was fighting trying to get more screens because every other movie that opens with a track record like mine have not had to deal with fighting for screens. Most of the movies of my counterparts open on at least 3,000 screens. MARRIED was given 2,000. Needless to say I was exhausted and mentally drained. So, by this time it was last Thursday and I just had no more to give. So, when I started to write that email (about the movie and for you to please check your tickets and so on) all that I could think was, "Tyler don't let these people get you down. As a matter of fact, speak a word of encouragement to the people that have been there for you and let that be that!"