From Lead Belly To Led Zeppelin : News & Views Tracing the roots of rock -- from Lead Belly to Led Zeppelin.
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From Lead Belly To Led Zeppelin

On today's show, we examine the family tree of rock 'n' roll; tracing Led Zeppelin's amp-busting anthems to their roots in the blues of the American South. Each of Jimmy Page's guitar riffs or Robert Plant's soulful wails is an homage to the great blues musicians from Biloxi to Nashville.

But sometimes seeing is believing.

So check out these videos of the real thing.

Do you think the blues is dead? Is there a modern equivalent? What other black musicians do you think are underrated or forgotten about? If you could go back in time and catch any artist's performance, whose would it be?

Lead Belly (You may also remember his song re-envisioned by Nirvana for MTV Unplugged in 1994.)

Led Zeppelin's "How Many More Times"

Muddy Waters "Got My Mojo Workin'"