Going After Hillary on Bosnia : News & Views Web satirists are going after Hillary on Bosnia.
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Going After Hillary on Bosnia

The political satirists have sharpened their knives after Senator Clinton backpedaled on her statements about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia. (We covered that inthis week's politics segment.)

Check out this video:

And this "fan-fiction" style parody.

What strikes me is that:
1) For the video, computer graphics have become so accessible to people outside of the big studio system that it adds and entirely different flavor to a parody. It's no Lord of the Rings, but it's certainly got some technical chops.
2) Fan fiction is a specialized genre for the political satire.
3) All of this is getting much more sophisticated and diverse ... political humor, that is.

But is it turning you off? Do you like it, or does it make you cynical?