On YouTube: Hillary Clinton, Sinbad and Snipers : News & Views A closer look: Hillary Clinton, Sinbad and snipers.

On YouTube: Hillary Clinton, Sinbad and Snipers

Forget the endorsements and all-powerful superdelegates. The Democratic presidential nominee may well be influenced by ... YouTube of all things. First, YouTube clips of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's incendiary sermons almost derailed Sen. Barack Obama's campaign.

Now, a CBS News report -- contradicting Sen. Hillary Clinton's recollection of her 1996 trip to Bosnia -- is getting major traction on the site today.

Clinton said she "misspoke" when saying she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire.

In the end, more people may see this report on the Web than viewed it when it originally aired on television. What do you think about this report ... and of the Web's influence in the political process?

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