'The Wire' Says Farewell : News & Views What's your favorite moment from The Wire?
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'The Wire' Says Farewell

I'm told The Wire is the best show on television. (Gotta say I'm not convinced). But for you die-hard fans who are mourning the show's finale, the L.A. Times takes a look back with the cast.

Clarke Peters (Freamon): Looking back and reflecting on it over the last five years, you realize that to a certain degree we've been actors on a mission, telling a story that's needed to be told for a long time about inner-city America. People look at "The Wire" and they say, "Ooh, it's another black show." I have to say those people are the most ignorant people in the world. There are those that say it constantly depicts black people as being drug addicts and thieves and dysfunctional. If that's what you want to see, you'll see that.

What's your favorite moment from the show?

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