Does 'Sex and the City' Reflect Reality? : News & Views Was Sex and the City a dream job for Jennifer Hudson?

Does 'Sex and the City' Reflect Reality?

Jennifer Hudson

Women of all ages are eagerly awaiting the return (to the big screen) of their favorite fashion-obsessed gal pals. The Sex and the City movie opens this Friday, May 30th and features the entire original cast from the popular HBO series. Some complain that the film's characters only reflect a small slice of the urban experience; namely, affluent white women. Yet among the film's surprises is a small, but pivotal, role played by Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson.

AOL Black Voices interviewed Ms. Hudson about her follow up to Dreamgirls, and the rising star just seemed excited to be involved:

"I definitely wanted something without any singing involved, and then I didn't want to pick something that I was biting off more than I can chew; so I think this was like the perfect part. It wasn't too much and it wasn't too little, but it was just right to get my feet wet in the door with just acting. And then it's 'Sex and the City.' What else could you ask for?"

Last week, News & Notes spoke with Twanna Hines of about what it's like to be black, sexy, and single in the big city. Which point of view suits you best?