Headlines: Bush Condones Execution of Military Man : News & Views Headlines: President Bush condones the death penalty for Ronald A. Gray, an Army cook who was convicted of multiple rapes and murders.
NPR logo Headlines: Bush Condones Execution of Military Man

Headlines: Bush Condones Execution of Military Man

Bush: Former Army Cook's Crimes Warrant Execution
President Bush declined to commute the death sentence of Ronald A. Gray, an Army cook who was convicted of multiple rapes and murders, saying that his crimes warranted execution. This marks the first incident in 51 years where a president called for the death sentence in regards to an individual in the U.S. military.

Ads Putting Candidates Over an Oil Barrel
As voters getting angrier about rising gas prices, the GOP is bracing itself for an onslaught of ads attacking their vast array of oil company connections. Oil companies are beginning to worry about how much power they will have in Congress and the White House after Election Day.

Ex-Newark Mayor Faces 20 Years for Corruption
Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James receives his sentence today for his corruption conviction. Federal prosecutors were seeking up to 20 years, but such a sentence seems unlikely.

Obama Meets Economic and Business Leaders; McCain Promotes Energy Policies
While Barack Obama met with top economists and business men in Washington, D.C., seeking advice on building an economy-improving strategy, John McCain was in a California oil field, restating his plans for expanded drilling.

Last Notes From Unity '08
The UNITY Convention in Chicago wrapped up last Sunday. Topics discussed on the event's last day were the state of welfare, the state of print media, journalists of color in D.C., and a Q&A session with Barack Obama. The senator discussed the ongoing debate over his religious beliefs as well as racism in the media.

African American and Latino Families in Danger of Falling Out of Middle Class
A "Middle Class Security Index" created by Demos and Brandeis University has found that three out of four African American middle-class families, and four out of five Latino middle-class families, find themselves in unstable financial situations.

Gas Rush Is On, and Louisianans Cash In
The Haynesville Shale, an enormous gas-bearing rock deposit, is possibly the largest natural gas resource in the continental United States. Louisianans and Texans owning valuable land over the deposit are becoming overnight millionaires, cashing big checks from energy companies scrambling to buy mineral rights to the gas.

Obama-Clinton Ticket Is Seen As Increasingly Unlikely
When Barack Obama offered a description of the kind of person he was looking for as a vice president, he indicated it would not be someone identified with Washington politics. It, in part, makes the possibility of his selecting former rival Hillary Clinton seem more unlikely. Obama is said to be considering announcing his running mate the week before the DNC at the end of August.

Ceremonies for Wrongly Convicted Black Soldiers Held
In Seattle, events are scheduled to celebrate the restoration of the military honors to 23 African American soldiers who were unjustly convicted for killing a POW in 1944. The highest ranking African American in the U.S. Army, Assistant Secretary Ronald James, was the keynote speaker at the event.

Dream Team Laps Up the Luxury, as Usual
With only 11 days left before the start of the 2008 Olympic Games, the U.S. men's basketball team has moved their training from Las Vegas to Macao, "the Vegas of Asia." Just as the 1992 team before them trained in Monte Carlo before the games in Barcelona, this year's team is enjoying life in the lap of luxury.

Luke Tries Some Parental Advisory
Luther "Luke" Campbell, a former member of 2 Live Crew, is decidedly removed from his bad boy lifestyle on a new VH1 reality show, Luke's Parental Advisory, which takes a look at his home life with his wife and two children.