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NPR logo Headlines: Obama Stands by His Plan to End War

Headlines: Obama Stands by His Plan to End War

Obama Stands by His Plan to End War
Barack Obama has begun trying to reassure his supporters that he has not softened on his position regarding ending the war in Iraq. "I will give our military a new mission on my first day in office: ending this war." McCain responded by promising to send three more brigades to Iraq in order to "turn around the war."

Israel Releases Prisoners After Hezbollah Returns Dead Soldiers
In a long-awaited prisoner exchange between Israel and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, two black coffins containing the remains of Israeli soldiers were carried across the border this morning. Israel released five Lebanese prisoners in return, including Samir Kuntar, a convicted murderer who'd been held for nearly three decades.

McCain Praises Obama in NAACP Address
Sen. John McCain spoke at the NAACP convention Wednesday, looking to close a wide divide on race in the polls. He avoided criticizing his rival before the largely pro-Obama audience, praising the Democratic candidate's success. His speech was centered on education, particularly Obama's lack of faith in public school vouchers for low-income Americans.

Poll Finds Obama Isn't Closing Divide on Race
The latest NY Times/CBS News poll reports Americans are sharply divided by race heading into the first election in which an African-American will be a major-party presidential nominee, with blacks and whites holding vastly different views of the candidate, the state of race relations, and how black Americans are treated by society.

Obama Has Europe in His Corner
As Obama prepares his tour through Europe, supporters prepare to welcome him to the continent. However, many are aware that coming across as too strongly supportive could hurt Obama's chances of winning the presidency: "To be seen as Europe's pet is the last thing a presidential candidate needs -- especially one who wants to shed his elitist image with white working-class American voters."

'Vintage Black Cinema' Stamps Highlight Black Cultural Experience
Vintage movie posters highlighting various facets of the African-American cultural experience as represented in early film return on postage when the U.S. Postal Service issues the Vintage Black Cinema stamps. The commemorative stamps will be dedicated July 16 at the Newark, NJ Museum during the Black Film Festival and will go on sale nationwide the same day.

Sketchy Obama Imagery
The recent scandal over the cover of The New Yorker featuring Obama in Muslim garb has caused many to look closer at how Obama has been depicted in other cartoons over the previous months. Further examination reveals that many cartoonists have done 'sketchy' to outright poor jobs of representing the senator in ink.

Daugherty One of Few African-American NASCAR Owners
Brad Daugherty, 42, co-founder of NASCAR's Diversity council 15 years previously, is now one of the first African Americans to own a team in the top series of the sport. Daugherty says he's proud to be one of the first African-American owners at this level.

Natalie Cole: Diagnosed with Hepatitis
As she readies the release of her latest music project, Grammy Award-winning diva Natalie Cole announced that she has been diagnosed with hepatitis C today. The disease was revealed during a routine examination and was likely caused by drug use years ago.