Jackson Controversy : Bloggers Weigh In : News & Views We've gathered responses from our blogger's regarding Jesse Jackson's "crude" comments about Barack Obama.
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Jackson Controversy : Bloggers Weigh In

As you likely know by now, Jesse Jackson made headlines yesterday for saying he wanted to "cut [Barack Obama's] n*ts off," in part, over the senator's recent addresses before black audiences.

On today's show, we'll air Farai's conversation with Jackson, recorded yesterday after the news about the remark was leaked to the press, but before Fox broadcast it.

UPDATE: Listen to the interview.

Here's the clip in question:

And here's a sampling of what our regular bloggers' roundtable guests have to say:

Afro Nerd: ... was Jackson sampling the Ying Yang Twins?

All About Race: It is also time for the legends to accept the dignified mantle of senior statesman

Aunt Jemima's Revenge: I am officially 150% tired, tired, tired of Jesse Jackson! We thank for you service, but it's time to go sit down somewhere!

Electronic Village: Jackson has been a lifetime hero in my household. That ended today.

The Field Negro: The "audacity" of fake friends.

Homeland Colors: I can't really get upset with Jesse Jackson for his comments about Obama.

Jack and Jill Politics: I'm wondering if Senator Obama's attempts to "distance" himself from the old guard, isn't causing the backstabbing.

La Shawn Barber's Corner: Leave it up to mainstream media to make an instant tree out of an acorn!

Ragged Thots: Getting attacked over fatherhood -- from Jesse Jackson?

The Root: We're not really ready for the day when The Man becomes a black man.

Shaun In The City: [Those comments] are amongst the most heinous things a man could say and they reveal a deeper ill within.

Stereohyped: Jesse Jackson might have called Barack Obama "the N-word."

What About Our Daughters: I have to agree he is talking "down" to Blacks. Sorry Obama acolytes.

Plus, the blog, TVNewser, explains why it took Fox News more than three days to discover the comment.