Media Coverage Skewed In Obama's Favor? : News & Views Do you see a disparity in the media coverage of Barack Obama and John McCain?
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Media Coverage Skewed In Obama's Favor?

John McCain talks to reporters in front of his bus, the Straight Talk Express, in February 2008. Don Emmert, AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Don Emmert, AFP/Getty Images

On today's show, Farai spoke with NPR senior Washington editor Ron Elving and media analyst Andrew Tyndall about the enormous media coverage surrounding presidential candidate Barack Obama compared to that of rival John McCain.

For example -- reporters are swarming the Obama campaign as he continues his fact-finding travel abroad. In contrast, only one reporter and one photographer met John McCain's plane last night, as it landed in New Hampshire.

Do you see a disparity? If so, to what do you attribute it?