Sick Joke? Cops in Hot Water Over Doll's Head : News & Views A black baby doll's head was seen impaled on a police car antenna. Now the community is demanding that the white officers be punished.
NPR logo Sick Joke? Cops in Hot Water Over Doll's Head

Sick Joke? Cops in Hot Water Over Doll's Head

Dozens of angry citizens and community leaders turned out to Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem on Thursday to protest two white cops who drove around with a black baby doll's head attached to their antenna. The cops claim they didn't know the doll's head was there - which means, in the least, they aren't especially attentive officers. According to BET News:

State Senator Bill Perkins, who reported the incident to police earlier in the week, was outraged that police officials suggested someone likely had stuck the head there as a prank. "That is what you call a classic case of blaming the victim," said Perkins. "A classic case of being dismissive about an offense that would in other circumstances warrant the dismissal of a police officer."

He said that residents told him they tried to capture the offensive object, but a plainclothes officer emerged from the car and took it down.

"They approached the car and asked why they had a Black baby doll head on the top of their car. The guys laughed it off and disposed of it inside their trunk," said witness Desiree Murray. "Then after that, that's when all the commotion came about. You know, the community was very upset, because we do have to live here."

FOX News was on the scene and interviewed several local residents for their reaction.

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