What Did You Think Of CNN's 'Black In America'? : News & Views What did you think of CNN's Black In America?
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What Did You Think Of CNN's 'Black In America'?

CNN's Black in America was a ratings success. And now that it's over, the reviews are rolling in ...

Here's a sampling:

* "The documentary's failing is that it provided little historical context for what it showed."

* "Man, I miss Ed Bradley. Now HE would have put together a heck of a series on Black people and not just rehashed and reheated the panels from Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Folk's Union, presented by Exxon Mobil, McDonald's and Rudy Ray's Rib Shack and Waffles."

* Overall, the series does a bang-up job of demonstrating so much that is troubling about the "state of blacks in America." But it does little to provide underlying context.

Farai spoke with CNN's Soledad O'Brien on Monday. She explains the motivation behind the docu-series and how it came together.

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