Headlines: Obama Wants Florida and Michigan Back In : News & Views Topping today's headlines: Actor Morgan Freeman suffers serious injuries following a car crash in Mississippi.
NPR logo Headlines: Obama Wants Florida and Michigan Back In

Headlines: Obama Wants Florida and Michigan Back In

Obama Wants Michigan and Florida Back In
Sen. Barack Obama has formally requested Democratic Party leaders to grant voting rights to Florida and Michigan delegates at the national convention. They had initially been stripped of voting rights for violating party rules. In a compromise reached in May, the delegates were granted half votes, but Obama is now pushing to fully reinstate them.

Track Squad Tries to Unite a Divided Country
Human rights activists have pushed for boycotts against Sudanese teams in this year's Olympic Games, as the conflict in the Darfur region persists. But 19-year-old Kaki Khamis, a runner and Sudan's best hope for its first Olympic medal, is hoping to get to Beijing to "do something positive for Sudan."

Out of FEMA Park, Clinging to a Fraying Lifeline
State and federal officials in New Orleans have been struggling to address the thousands of people left homeless when the Renaissance Village, a FEMA trailer park outside of Baton Rouge, closed down in May. No one is sure how many people are left homeless and ineligible to receive further aid from FEMA, but their numbers far exceed expectations. Many are mentally or physically disabled.

USA Starts Quickly with Dwyane Wade in Scoring Lead
The U.S. Olympic basketball team continues to dominate the exhibition games, having won all four games they've played so far — by an average of 36 points a game. The American coach of the Russian team, David Blatt, said, "The biggest difference between NBA basketball and basketball in Europe is still speed, the speed of the game."

Scandalous — If it Weren't so Square
A new reality show staring Luke Campbell premieres on Monday night on VH1: Luke's Parental Advisory. The first episode will focus on his artful juggling of things like planning his wedding to his fiance Vanessa, while auditioning strippers for his growing porn industry.

Stepping Up to Give Diddy a Bit of Help
Sean Combs' new show, I Want to Work for Diddy, will premiere tonight on VH1. He already has two shows running on MTV: Run's House and Making the Band. He says, "It's all part of my strategic plan to take over TV: Diddy TV."

Morgan Freeman Injured in Mississippi Car Crash
Actor Morgan Freeman was involved in "a serious car accident" on Sunday night in Mississippi. He was airlifted from the scene and taken to a hospital in Memphis, Tenn. His condition is currently unknown, though he was apparently conscious and capable of verbal communication when lifted into the helicopter.