Notes on the News: Gay Marriage and the Black Vote : News & Views "Prayer is the answer to every problem in life ... If the whole country keeps on praying, we can bring down prices even more, to even less than $2."
NPR logo Notes on the News: Gay Marriage and the Black Vote

Notes on the News: Gay Marriage and the Black Vote

Gay Marriage and the Black Vote
The notion that homophobia is rampant in the black community will be put to the test in November. California's black voters, who are predicted to show up in record numbers to support Barack Obama, will also be voting on the same-sex marriage measure, Proposition 8. For more on how gay marriage advocates are reaching out to the black community, check out the group And Marriage For All.

As Gas Prices Soared, He Filled Up With Prayer
59-year-old Rocky Twyman says that America has his movement, Pray at the Pump, to thank for the lowering of gas prices. "Prayer is the answer to every problem in life," he said while leading a group of people sitting around a gas pump in prayer. "If the whole country keeps on praying, we can bring down prices even more, to even less than $2."

White Americans No Longer a Majority by 2042
According to new projections issued by the U.S. government, white people will no longer make up the majority in America by 2042. This is eight years earlier than was predicted in a 2004 estimate. It's due, in part, to the increased birth rate of minorities, particularly Hispanics, but also because of the aging of the white baby boomer generation.

Nigeria Turns Over Disputed Territory
For the last 15 years, the Bakassi peninsula, which lies between the nations of Nigeria and Cameroon, has been fought over by the two countries, nearly resulting in all out war on more than one occasion. But after much prodding by the United Nations, the potentially oil-rich strip of marshland was finally handed over by the Nigerian government to the nation of Cameroon.

Double Take reports on an unusual case of recently born twins. One has Caucasian features, while the other is much darker skinned with jet black curly hair. Though rare, this phenomena is not unheard of. How people in different parts of the world react to these special births can teach us a lot about the state of race relations around the globe.

U.S. Men Beat Greece
After an embarrassing loss for the U.S. team against Greece in the 2006 championships, today's match was greatly anticipated. But this match was very different, as the U.S. men's basketball team squashed Greece with a final score of 92 to 69. Kobe Bryant and Chris Bosh led all scorers with 18 points each.

Blake Finally Breaks Through Against Federer
James Blake defeated famed tennis star Roger Federer in their Olympic tennis match. The only comment Federer offered to the press after the match was, "I'm disappointed," as he hurried away from reporters. In addition, China's Li Na defeated Venus Williams, and Serena Williams lost to Elena Dementieva.

Set in Glass, Artist's Ode to Bronx Life Is Acclaimed
52-year-old artist Daniel Hauben has filled a Freeman Street subway station with an epic stained glass work of art displaying and celebrating aspects of life in the Bronx. The piece is titled "The El" and is comprised of six panels made from thousands of pieces of faceted glass. It was one of 40 art works competing for public display in June selected by Americans for the Arts.