A Hero and A (Self-Proclaimed) Democrat : News & Views Farai Chideya recaps RNC speeches by Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman.
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A Hero and A (Self-Proclaimed) Democrat

We'll have more on tonight's events tomorrow, but a couple things of note.

Former Senator and presidential candidate Fred Thompson gave a moving re-telling of Senator John McCain's journey as a Vietnam prisoner of war. It framed his service movingly and compellingly. But/and as Thompson said, "Being a POW doesn't qualify anyone to be president, but it does reveal character."

The closing speech of the night came from a man who just eight years ago was on the Democratic ticket as the vice presidential nominee. Senator Joe Lieberman lost his last Democratic primary; but then came back to win his seat as an Independent. Nonetheless, the McCain supporter repeatedly referred to himself as a Democrat, which is technically not true.

Among Sen. Lieberman's words:

Of Sen. Obama: "Eloquence is no substitute for a record, not in these tough times in America." (He then went on to praise Gov. Palin, who others are criticizing for her lack of experience.)

He also made a direct appeal for Democrats and independents to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.