Run, Rev Run : News & Views Rev Run Simmons and his wife Justine stop by to share some words of wisdom with our very own Tony Cox.
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Run, Rev Run

I'm a man with a blended family myself, having been married, divorced and re-married. So, it's always interesting to me to talk to people who offer marital and family advice.

Who better to have on News & Notes, then, than Rev. Run Simmons and his wife, Justine.

They are the stars of the popular MTV reality series, Run's House, as well as the co-authors of a new book, Take Back Your Family: A Challenge To America's Parents. This was one of those interviews where I really didn't need any notes, but had them standing by, just in case.

I barely looked at them.

That's because Rev and Justine had more than a little to say about, well, a lot of things. Their marriage, their kids, the death of their infant daughter, their arguments, their spirituality, their happiness, even the troubles of big brother Russell and his divorce from wife Kimora.

It was reality radio, and I hope you'll tune in when we run the full interview on News & Notes. The video of that interview will also be available on News & Views, so look for it.

I was impressed with their candor. I suppose that's what makes their show so successful and presumably why they apparently have a strong, committed relationship. Like all married couples, they DO argue, which they managed to do even a few times during the interview. It was not what I expected from my guests, quite frankly, but it was fascinating to see because they were being who they are. I know that's certainly important for a successful marriage, being who you really are.

You'll have to judge for yourself.

As we ended, I asked Rev to share with us one of his famous "Words of Wisdom," which he delivers at the end of each episode of his TV show from a bubble-filled bathtub in his home. So here's Rev's words for today, just for you, but without the bubbles or the tub.