Happy Election Day!!!!!!!!!!! : News & Views "I voted this morning at 7:30am in Culver City, at a house. I don't mean some big spacious house."
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Happy Election Day!!!!!!!!!!!

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I voted this morning at 7:30AM in Culver City at a house ... I don't mean some big spacious house ... I mean a regular, modest-sized house where the line wrapped down the block, and a crowd of people of different ages and races -- very much a mirror of this culturally mixed neighborhood -- waited patiently to have their say.

After a night of rain, the skies were bright and clear; the weather cool and pleasant.

I e-mailed my pals all over the country and gave them a shout. No matter what happens, the excitement around voting itself is remarkable.

So: VICTORY! A friend of mine who is in her mid-30s, but has never voted because she simply believed it did not make a difference, walked on into the polls and made it happen. Her only complaint: They'd run out of vote "I voted today" stickers.