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More Answers About The Future Of 'News & Notes'

(UPDATED 12/17/08)

From covering the news to being the news ...

As word of our cancellation spread, so too did the headlines. Here's a sampling of reaction from frequent guests, our regular team of bloggers, and friends of the show. (Feel free to post additional links below.)

Vexed In The City: I'm Now A Victim Of The Recession ...
Average Bro: My Five-Year Plan For Media Domination Hits A Snag
Melissa Harris Lacewell: Post-Racial Media? White Noise replaces News and Notes
Jasmyne Cannick: For NPR, Blacks Are Still Last to Be Hired and First to be Fired
Jack & Jill Politics: NPR Cancels Only Black-Issues Program, News & Notes
Washington Post: NPR to Cut 64 Jobs and Two Shows
Culture Kitchen: NPR cancels "New and Notes" and enters a world of suckitude
Jasmyne Cannick: Unemployment Line: NPR Cancels Only African-American Focused Show 'News & Notes'
The Daily Voice: NPR cancels 'News and Notes' black radio program
Pam's House Blend: NPR cancels News & Notes, Day to Day, and lays off dozens
LA Eastside: NPR is cancelling News and Notes with Farai Chideya
Obenson Report: Damn! NPR Cancels Only African American-Themed Program
African American Political Pundit: Economy Hits NPR, Farai Chideya, News and Notes and Black Bloggers
Black Informant: NPR's "News & Notes" Gets Canned
Black Politics On The Web: NPR to cut 7 percent of workers, cancels African-American focused 'News & Notes'
Baratunde: NPR Cancels Only Black-Issues Program, News & Notes
Mother Jones: NPR Lays Off Staff, Cuts Shows

One listener even started a special Facebook group, with the goal of saving the show.

Now to some of your more recent questions:

Matthew Scallon wrote: Like The BPP, maybe your last week could have a week-long bloggers' roundtable, with each day going through the Five Stages of Grief ....
Thanks for the suggestion, Matthew. Beyond that, thanks for being such a loyal reader of our blog over the last few months. We've valued your comments and insight.

To all of you, please keep the suggestions coming. Tell us what you want to hear in these final three months — including segments you want to hear again, as part of our planned "Best Of" compilations.

Lynsey Saunders wrote: I've been listening to News & Notes since middle school when Tavis Smiley was around. To Farai, you've made the show your own, and I loved listening to the podcasts. ***sniffle*** Where will I get my black journalistic inspiration from now?
If only we knew ... if only we knew ...

ernise s wrote: I've truly enjoyed listening over the years. I'm curious to know if you all will be absorbed into other NPR shows?
There isn't a definitive answer to your question yet, Ernise, but NPR has said it will try to accommodate as many of us as possible.

monica mclendon wrote: Can you guys move to a less costly area? The South has all kinds of options. Please reconsider.
That's not really a viable option for us at the moment, Monica. But we did have a fantastic time during our week-long visit to Atlanta.

N Wood wrote: What can we do? Tell us.
You can continue to listen each weekday through March 20; come back to our blog and Facebook page; sign up for our newsletter; or check out our YouTube video archive. Your concern and words of support are more than enough right now.