So ... Now What? : News & Views For those of you who posed questions about the immediate future of our show, here's what we know ...
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So ... Now What?

News & Notes Staff

Top (L-R): producer Roy Hurst, senior supervising producer Christabel Nsiah-Buadi, alternate host Tony Cox, producer Devin Robins, editor Sasa Woodruff, executive producer Nicole Childers, Web producer Geoffrey Bennett / Middle (L-R): Web producer Geoffrey Gardner, producer Zach Slobig, host Farai Chideya / Seated: former producer Christopher Johnson
Not Pictured: director Sonata Lee Narcisse and engineer Sherene Strausberg
Credit: Erin Mikosz, NPR

To News & Notes' fans and friends:

A sincere thanks for your words of support posted here and elsewhere.

If only the circumstances were different ...

For those of you who posed questions about the immediate future of our show, here's what we know:

How long can I continue listening to News & Notes?
We'll continue to bring you new programming until we take our final collective breath on March 20. On some days, you might hear "best-of" compilations or extended roundtable conversations.
As you can imagine, it will be increasingly more difficult to produce our hour-long show, if our already small staff begins to dwindle ... but we are committed to bringing you the same great show to which you've grown accustomed.

What about News & Views?
Our blog — and daily newsletter — will sunset along with the show on March 20. But our Facebook fan page will remain active. After News & Notes goes off the air, you'll still have access to the show's archives via — much like the now shuttered Bryant Park Project.

What can I do to keep News & Notes on the air?
The decision, as it stands, is final ... but that hasn't stopped some people.

Have a question or comment? Post it, and we'll respond. We are reading all of your comments.