The Best Audience Ever : News & Views News & Notes host Farai Chideya bids farewell.

The Best Audience Ever

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Geoffrey Bennett, NPR

You guys are the best audience ever. I cannot tell you how much it means to wake up with your e-mails every day and go to sleep knowing that somewhere, someone is listening to News & Notes.

Today is my last day as host of NPR's News & Notes. I will always be a friend to the show and to public radio.

I've worked for magazines, television, and as an Internet consultant. I've freelanced and written books. Sometimes I've had money in the bank; sometimes I've run myself into credit card debt when a check didn't come. In other words, I have seen the ups and downs of the media world from a lot of different vantage points.

This is a tough business ... and it is a business. But for most of us who make a go of it, it's also a calling. We are entrusted with being truth-tellers and bridge builders. Journalism is the connective tissue that holds together our collective public body.

Today, I see how hard audiences are fighting to make sure that there is still community-minded news that brings people together.

Don't give up.

Please keep listening to News & Notes, which will be hosted by the fabulous Tony Cox until the final show on March 20th.

In the meantime, and always, you are powerful. Public radio and public media are here because of you.

With love and appreciation,