Half Waif, 'Sodium & Cigarettes' : #NowPlaying The track from Half Waif's fifth album, Mythopoetics, has a way of getting under your skin.

Half Waif, 'Sodium & Cigarettes'

Half Waif, "Sodium & Cigarettes"

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As audio engineer and producer for NPR Music's Tiny Desk concert series, I've recorded a lot of bands...and I have a confession to make. When Pinegrove came to perform in late 2016, I was completely transfixed by the perfectly placed harmonies sung by Nandi Rose. Thankfully, Rose has another outlet for her unpredictable melodies: Half Waif.

"Sodium & Cigarettes," from Half Waif's upcoming fifth album, Mythopoetics, has a way of getting under your skin, with relatable lyrics about longing and acceptance. As the song steadily crescendos, Nandi's synth swells and swirling vocals make you feel like you're living inside her head, as we collectively hold our breaths for a brighter future.

Two years after that Tiny Desk debut with Pinegrove, Half Waif came back to play their own serene concert. Like a true fanboy, I showed up wearing the Half Waif shirt that I'd bought during SXSW, and Nandi was kind enough to take a photo with me.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to that magical desk to make more discoveries like these.