Violet Chachki And Allie X, 'Mistress Violet' : #NowPlaying The Drag Race queen returns with a synthwave track that channels the 1980s goth scene.

Violet Chachki And Allie X, 'Mistress Violet'


In the gimmicky, excessive world of drag queen music, it's always interesting when a queen scales back and delivers something unexpected. Enter Violet Chachki, season 7 winner of Rupaul's Drag Race, and underground pop princess Allie X, who team up for the new single "Mistress Violet."

The song, whose title refers to Chachki's latex-donning alter ego, rides a pulsing, dark synthwave that sounds right out of the 1980s goth scene. Chachki's aesthetic, both as a drag queen and as an artist, has always leaned toward the subversive underground, drawing heavily on burlesque and BDSM. The accompanying video is straight dominatrix pastiche, shot on analog film with outfits by Schiaparelli. It's both transfixing and provocative, delivering enough slithering hooks and snap-worthy quotables to leave listeners gagged beyond belief.