For Her Birthday, Bark Bark Disco Slows Down A Madonna Classic : #NowPlaying For Madonna's 63rd birthday, Bark Bark Disco slows down her early hit "Borderline" and invokes the personal whisper of a moonlight tryst.

Bark Bark Disco, 'Borderline'

Italians Do It Better YouTube

Madonna turns the beautiful age of 63 today and, in honor of the Italian-American icon herself, the synth-pop and Italo-disco label Italians Do It Better has released a compilation of twenty Madge covers. Bark Bark Disco closes Italians Do It Better (the album and label are named for the T-shirt Madonna wears in the "Papa Don't Preach" video) with "Borderline," one of Madonna's first singles. The original is a loud declaration, sweeping and passionate. Bark Bark Disco turns this emotion inward, slowing the track down and invoking the personal whisper of a moonlight tryst. The cover highlights the intimacy and innocence that Madonna's earliest songs encapsulate, ideals that continue to persevere even through the voice of another.