Circuit Des Yeux, 'Dogma' : #NowPlaying On "Dogma," Haley Fohr collects and redistributes the sounds of a few cult genres – spaghetti western, avant-garde funk – and projects a modern mysticism for an uncertain age.

Circuit Des Yeux, 'Dogma'

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Circuit Des Yeux's Haley Fohr walks no straight line; she traces her own, squiggles and twisted branches included. Her songs, which have evolved from noisy acoustic dirges to bombastic prog-rock miniatures to electronic euphoria, have a way of breaking open personal and cosmic voids; "Dogma" meditates on the forces that keep us static, unable to reach outside our bounds. Fohr plays every instrument herself, save drums by Tyler Damon, and pulls from several cult sounds at once: a spaghetti-western guitar spun up in The United States of America's organ hypnosis, or Stereolab locked into a "Halleluhwuh"-style Can funk. "Tell me how to feel real," she sings in that beguiling baritone, casting herself as a new mystic for the age's uncertainty. "Talk talk talk talk talk talk about what's real," that last reality dubbed and warped into another, waiting for us to arrive.