Macie Stewart, 'Finally' : #NowPlaying One-half of the Chicago rock band Ohmme finally steps into the solo spotlight.

Macie Stewart, 'Finally'

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Macie Stewart is a consummate collaborator. With her multi-instrumental talents spread across disparate genres — which include SZA string arrangements and Ken Vandermark's free jazz chaos — anything is on the table. Seeking a personal voice after years of collective music-making, her solo debut, Mouth Full of Glass, has now arrived with an appropriately titled opening track, "Finally." Mouth Full of Glass departs from the taut indie rock of her main project, Ohmme, and drops into a sweeping chamber folk world, putting her versatile skill set in full view for the first time. Lush strings and twisting finger-picked guitar set the stage for her voice to dance around, a graceful scene impeccably made. For a song of many lyrical questions, one sure thing is that Stewart is in full control of her musical world, and she is owning the solo spotlight at last.